Inviting you to embrace the gift

of Sabbath as a guide to finding your

purpose and belonging.


hey there. I’m rachel.

You and I, we experience the world a little differently and sometimes that can make life a little lonely. But, here’s the thing you need to know: you are created in the image of your Creator and He created you to reflect His creativity.

The very things that make you feel like an outsider are part of a calculated decision by your Creator; in humanity’s story you are welcomed and your character is intentionally designed and uniquely purposed.

You are not a mistake and you are not an anomaly.
And, most importantly, you are not forgotten.


Over the years, I have found both a restorative rest in observing Sabbath 

and an insightful conversation about my unique design and purpose

with the one who created me.

Now, I teach you how to have that conversation too:

The Gift of Sabbath

Sabbath as a Guide

Purpose & Belonging


Hey there. Designed is my weekly way of saying, “I see you” and “thank you for hanging with me as we navigate what it means to embrace our unique, intentionally-created design.”

I love a good question that makes me pause and reflect, so I always offer one for us to take into the week with us in Designed. I also try to share links to work you might love. I promise I won’t send spam and I’ll keep things focused.

about me

Jesus and I have been friends since I was seven. I rather scrub a toilet than fold laundry. I can say the alphabet backward. I tend to see the glass half-full. I am the only one allowed to complain about my seven siblings (except for my other siblings, of course). I am not a morning person. I am not a night owl. I’ve grown to appreciate coffee and I’ve never tried Red Bull. I married a guy who acts like I’m the most amazing person on earth and forgives me when I prove him wrong. Three littles call me momma. I dislike notifications on my phone so I clear them immediately. Mushrooms are my arch-nemesis.



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