Make an Impact and Income

from that story in your head

love the idea of writing novels

but don’t love the idea of being a starving artist for jesus?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Rachel.

I’m a writer and I get it.

You fight for the time in your busy schedule to write.

You agonize over the details so you can craft a great story.

And then you put yourself in a place of vulnerability as you subject yourself to the “yay” or “nay” of agents and publishers.

All for a story that may or may not make it onto the printed page and may or may not land in the hands of a reader.

It’s disheartening!

But, it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Everything is shifting, including us.

Social media platforms shifted word-of-mouth marketing from in-person to online and, in doing so, forced the publishing industry to shift how they assess book proposals.

Publishers have shifted away from discovering the next great author to finding a great author that has already been discovered by social media followers.

And while publishers have confirmed platform numbers don’t matter quite as much when considering fiction proposals, they do still encourage us to build a following so sales can be projected.

Building a platform while writing an 80,000 word novel in the cracks of our lives with a slim promise of getting published and an even slimmer promise of novel-writing becoming our bread and butter… why would anyone ever want to be a fiction novelist?

Because of the love of storytelling.

So, for the sake of that love, and for the sake of our bank accounts, we too need to make a shift if we’re ever going to make both an impact and an income with our fiction writing.



How We Shift

Business Mindset

We are no longer simply storytellers, we are business owners and the publisher is a collaborator.


We are no longer writing in a vacuum and believing the lie that we have to perfect our story in private before sharing.

1:6 Week

We are no longer accepting exhaustion as badge of honor and instead are setting rhythms that protect our lives and our art.

Let’s make the Shift together


I’m on a mission to champion the work of Christian fiction writers and help them pursue the type of publication that best fits their business goals so they can make an impact and an income with their storytelling.

Sound like something that would serve you? Great! Check out below the various ways I’m in your corner.

The Business of Christian Fiction

Each week, we talk about the creative process of novel writing from the lens of business decisions and marketing strategies while keeping rhythms of rest a priority.

Look Over My Shoulder

With my current project, I am pulling back the curtain on the creative, self-publishing, and marketing process as I implement the business mindset shifts we talk about on the podcast.

Free Resources

Do you need help taking the big-picture business and marketing ideas and applying them to your fiction work? That’s where these resources help!

Work with me

Not quite sure how to position yourself and your writing to accomplish your business goals (or maybe even figure out your business goals)? I can help you figure out your next steps!

Ready to


Don’t miss out!

Author Notes

Each week, I send out my Author Notes via email.

My favorite part of Mark Twain’s Puddin’ Head Wilson is hands-down the author’s note! I loved getting to hear the story behind the story and the funny observations of a writer carried away by the characters on his page. It made me feel a little less odd as I heard another writer talk about his story in that way.

That’s my hope for you in these weekly emails, that you realize you’re not alone in your love of and your process for capturing a story on the page.

I also include some sneak peaks of my current project as well as links to helpful resources or intriguing pieces I’ve come across.

Make sure you sign up so you don’t miss next week’s email.

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