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Hi! I’m Rachel.

Love creative books that remind you who you are, whose you are, and what you’re called to do?

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Fiction vs Non?


Years ago, I interned at a Christian publisher where I was told that authors had to “pick a lane” when it comes to the type of books that they write.

I didn’t like that rule.
Still don’t.
So, I break it constantly.

Every piece of writing tells a story. While certain formats may shine brighter for some, many stories unfold beautifully across multiple mediums.

At the heart of every book I create lies a profound narrative: the story of God’s love, desire, and purpose for humanity—specifically, for you.

My storytelling approach might be unconventional, but then again, so is the extraordinary story of God’s love for each of us.

You have a unique role

in this grand, divine story.

My books aim to point you back to scripture and to this timeless narrative, not just as a reader, but as an integral part of the story.

The Books

Dive into the books that have already encouraged many and stay tuned for future releases! Crafted to stir your imagination and deepen your understanding of your identity, purpose, and belonging. 

Get to Know Me Better

Curious about the stories behind my stories? Dive deeper into my journey, discover what inspires my books, and my worldview. Learn more about me here and connect to the heart of my books.

The Bookcasts

To enhance your experience of my books, I’ve developed ‘Bookcasts’. These are a unique blend of audio podcasts and/or videos that complement and expand upon my books. You can learn more here.

For Writers

Since I have a background in both business and writing, I love talking and creating resources about the business decisions behind being a writer. If you are a writer, you’ll want to check out my podcast and other resources.

Rachel invites readers to consider how the image of God that dwells in each person is meant to be reflected in the particularities of their own lives, dreams, work, and beyond.

Jessica B.

Well-written, informative, and challenging, this book [Dwell] tops my list of Advent resources

Natalie O.

This journal [Rest & Reflect] has been a wonderful guide in helping me answer the right questions that highlight my identity in Christ.

Ida M.

I’m grateful for the intention and care that Rachel put into designing such a lovely journal [Rest & Reflect] that invites us to stop and reflect, rest and refresh, as we lean into God’s gift of Sabbath.

Hannah H.

The beautiful imaginative story each week in [Dwell: An Advent Study] brought a deeper personal connection with the scriptures being studied. I especially appreciated the masterful storytelling in week 2 regarding Moses and Aaron. I highly recommend it!

Amber Jean P.

Even after a few weeks of combining [Rest & Reflect Journal] with a consistent practicing of Sabbath, I noticed a huge difference in my life. I found myself feeling more rested, calmer, and more connected to God, my family, and myself.

Emily C.

This Advent Study [Dwell] is different than your traditional advent study. My favorite part was the weekly advent liturgy and meal, complete with meal suggestions with specific foods for each week.

Sammy B.

Rachel Fahrenbach’s rich story-telling pairs with purposeful meditations on scripture that bring a fresh outlook.

Amazon Customer

The journal [Rest & Reflect] was worth every penny.

TaraLeigh I.

We loved this advent devo [Dwell Study & Guide]—and it's not just me as the mom who loved it. Even my kids and husband said it was approachable, practical, and customizable for our family. It helped us practice Advent beyond just the regular rhythm. We especially love that it included ideas for music and food.

Brooke T.

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My favorite part of Mark Twain’s Puddin’ Head Wilson is hands-down the author’s note! I loved getting to hear the story behind the story and the funny observations of a writer carried away by the characters on his page.

That’s my hope for you in these weekly episodes, that you get a little behind-the-scenes look the creative process.

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