embracing my design

I’m not a stranger to being different. I grew up outside of the normal-sized family unit (I was the oldest of 8 siblings), the typical school education (former homeschooler over here), the common secular outlook on life (God has had the final say in my life for a long time now), and the usual way of experiencing the world around me (the day I learned to use the word “creative” as a noun changed everything).

Learning to embrace my unique design has been a journey. Sometimes it has been easy (like when I majored in Creative Writing and Business Management) and other times it has been hard (I have wasted way too much time agonizing over what others think of me). But, through it all, my Creator has shown me His intentionality in my life.

In recent years, I’ve discovered Sabbath as a space to process my unique design and purpose with the one who created me. Now, I use storytelling and intentional questions to help others embrace the gift of Sabbath as a guide for finding their sense of purpose and belonging. I think it’s a pretty cool gig, but then again, that’s how I’m designed. 

things people have said about my writing

“Rachel’s writing tells the beauty of everyday life amidst the struggles. She takes something that is current, now, and looks at it from a perspective I had not considered.

She has a knack for seeing a deeper meaning in what is happening in the daily grind. Her writing hits home, makes me laugh, makes me think, makes me hope.                                     

Sometimes when I would have just seen oh it’s marriage, or kids – but she looks at that and then turns it on its head. I appreciate her reflections and look forward to reading more of her insightful passages.                                    

Timely, relevant, thought-provoking, honest, real, encouraging and empowering. Notable everyday events as a woman who pursues life in an imperfect world.” – Amy B.     

I always look forward to Rachel’s posts. She lives her life so fully and in the same way, she is transparent with her feelings as well as what she considers her failings.                               

It is so wonderfully apparent that she loves her husband and children passionately. She has built rich traditions into her family’s lives and documents them in such detail that you feel like you are living life with them or at the very least, sitting in a front row seat happily celebrating with them.                                                            
Rachel’s writing has enriched my life by causing me to reflect more fully on making each day count.” – Georgia Z.  


Rachel Fahrenbach is storyteller embracing her unique design. She loves rhythm and routine but also has a tendency for free-spirited creativity. She currently blogs about embracing the gift of Sabbath as a guide for finding a sense of purpose and belonging while working on her writing projects. Rachel and her husband live in the Chicagoland area with their three youngsters.

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