66% of books don’t sell more than 1000 copies in a year.

But 1000 fans is the difference between
a profitable book and a starving artist.

Together, we can help Christian authors walk in obedience to their calling.

Most readers believe the hardest part for an author is actually writing the book but most writers would agree that it’s marketing the book once it’s available.

Despite the benefits of social media for promotion, word-of-mouth marketing still remains the #1 best way to spread the word about a new book!

And that’s where we the readers can make a difference:

One reader buys a copy and tells 10 friends.
Then one of those friends buys the book and tells 10 of their friends. And one of those 10 buys the book and tells 10 of their friends.

That’s 3 book sales.

Now, if 1000 fans did that…

3000 sales.
$15 per sale.
$45,000 in sales.

Introducing: The book launch collective

What it is

The Book Launch Collective is a group of individuals who believe story is a powerful tool for the Kingdom and that it is vitally important to link arms with our creative brothers and sisters in the work that they do. Not because they create art for us to consume but because they obediently reflect God’s creative image when they do!

Our goal is to harness the power of 1000 true fans and leverage it to launch the books of 7 Christian authors representing various genres during a 4-day, collaborative, online Launch Event.

Our first Launch Event will be June 5-8, 2023.



Storytelling is a Reflection

We believe storytelling is powerful and moving. When artists steward creativity, they reflect the creative image of God and the world sees a glimpse of Him in the art they create. Which is why it bothers us when God-given creativity is twisted into the perverse.


The Esther Principle

We believe creativity is a gift that some have been tasked with stewarding into art that overtly mentions God (Psalms) and others into art that does not (Esther). Both are commissioned by God. It is all part of His kingdom plan.


Impact and Income

We believe the writer has a responsiblity (as laid out in scripture) to both steward their gifting and their finances well. We also believe that scripture is clear on individuals being compensated for the work they do.


Creativity is Under Attack

We believe that, because creativity rooted in faith reflects God’s image and points others to Him, the enemy wants the elevation of perverse art and Christians artists shrinking back in frustration and in fear, leaving their gifting unutilized.


Publishing is Hard for Fiction

We believe the fiction publishing industry is struggling, as is evident by the decreasing number of fiction titles published by Christian publishers each year. As a result, fiction writers often have to shoulder production and marketing costs themselves if their novel is to ever to get into the hands of a reader.


Celebrating Obedience

We believe in celebrating the obedience of the storyteller, not the resulting product. Writing a story is a difficult, soul-involved act of worship on the part of the author. It’s such a privilege that we as readers are invited to participate in that creative space.

What it is not

The Book Launch Collective is not a publishing house or a marketing service. It is a Collective founded and organized by Rachel Fahrenbach (a fiction marketing coach and author) that runs LAUNCH EVENTS in order to support fiction writers.

Each invited author has already done the hard work of writing a well-crafted novel and has chosen to either self-publish, work with a hybrid publisher, or sign with a small traditional publisher.

It is not a free event. The Book Launch Collective values verbal and monetary support of fiction writers. The goal of the Launch Events is to give the author increased book sales and readership reach.

It is not a financial burden for invited authors. All authors highlighted during a Launch Event goes through a selection process and are invited to collaborate with the collective without a financial investment.

It is not a Book Fair, Author Meet & Greet, or Book Signing Event. The focus of our Launch Events is to support Christian fiction authors verbally and monetarily, not on finding new books to read (though that is an added benefit!).

Getting excited?

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