66% of new books sell less than

1000 copies in a year.

Your support can help Faith-Fueled Fiction Reach Readers, Not Collect Dust.

Together, we can help Christian Novelist walk in obedience to their calling.

Most readers believe the hardest part for an author is writing the book, but most writers would agree that it’s marketing the book!

That’s where we the readers can help. With just 1000 dedicated fans, we can turn the tide and transform a struggling artist into a successful and profitable author.

Introducing the Book Launch Collective, a special community on a mission to support Christian Novelists and their incredible work. We believe in the power of stories that honor God and touch people’s hearts, and we want YOU to join us in making a difference.

By becoming a part of the Book Launch Collective, you’ll have the opportunity to rally behind talented authors, helping them reach new audiences and launch their careers! Together, we can amplify the impact of their God-inspired stories and ensure they reach the reader who needs it.

One reader buys a copy and tells 10 friends.

Then one of those friends buys the book and tells 10 of their friends.

And one of those 10 buys the book and tells 10 of their friends.

That’s 3 book sales.

Now, if 1000 fans did that…

3000 sales.
3x the reach!

story is a powerful tool for pointing people heavenward.

your support ensures that kingdom work continues.

Your Commitment


Join the Book launch Collective

We’re a fun, fiction-loving group! You’ll fit right in.


Participate in Rally Events

This means you purchase a ticket ($67), complete the event’s word-of-mouth marketing activities (they are simple and fun!), and redeem the 2 book credits included with your ticket.


Invite others

The more individuals in the Book Launch Collective, the more opportunity our featured fiction writers have to reach new readers!

Sound like something

you can get behind?

If you are a story-loving individual who believes in the power and importance of fiction that honors God and points people heavenward, and you want to use your resources to help get more of it into the world, then you are exactly who we want in the collective!

Next Rally Event:

Featured Authors, Books, & Genres:

Ticket Pricing & Details

$67 Ticket Includes:

  • 2 Signed Book Credits
    (redeem for any 2 of the 7 featured novels)
  • Lifetime Access to Author Interviews
  • Digital Extras from each Author
  • Event Activities
  • Giveaways & Door Prizes

Schedule: June 5-8, 2023

Day One: Get to Know the Writer

    • WATCH: the short and insightful author interviews
    • RALLY: Share to Your Socials
    • BONUS Rally: Share Directly to a Personal Friend

Day Two: Get to Know the Novel

    • WATCH: the authors share about the inspriation and vision for their novels
    • RALLY: Mark “reading” on Goodreads
    • BONUS Rally: Request a copy through your library or suggest to your church’s bookstore

Day Three: Let’s Talk Creative Process

    • WATCH: the conversations about creativity and faith.
    • RALLY: Comment, Like, and Share a recent social media post from the authors about their books.
    • BONUS Rally: TBD

Day Four: Author Readings

    • WATCH: The authors read excepts from their books!
    • RALLY: TBD
    • Bonus RALLY: TBD

*All author interviews are pre-recorded.

**All Rally activites are optional but encouraged. Additional Rally activities may be suggested during the actual event.


Thursday, June 8, 2023 at 7PM CT

    • The featured authors will join us live over zoom to meet you!
    • Extra book Credit!
    • Special giveaway!

👉Purchase before May 27 to be upgraded to VIP FOR FREE!!!

If you want to…

Discover captivating stories

The Book Launch Collective features new and diverse stories that point people heavenward.

Support Talented Authors

The Book Launch Collective provides a platform for you and other fiction readers to actively support and uplift Christian novelists.

Be part of a passionate community

The Book Launch Collective connects you with like-minded individuals who share a love for storytelling and a desire to see more God-honoring fiction in the world.

Influence the literary landscape

By joining forces with the Book Launch Collective, you have the power to shape the literary landscape by promoting and celebrating stories that reflect their faith and values.

Make a tangible impact

Joining the Book Launch Collective allows you to make a tangible impact on the lives of authors and the literary world. By actively supporting and promoting Christian fiction, you help nurture a thriving environment for writers and inspire the creation of more uplifting and impactful stories!


Then you want to join the Book Launch Collective!

Let’s address the

elephant in the room

When it comes to fiction, especially faith-rooted fiction, everyone has thoughts and opinions. So, let’s talk about a few things so you can decide if the Book Launch Collective and our Rally Events are something you want to participate in.

Are these novels "Christian Fiction"?

The authors we invite to collaborate with us during our Rally Events identify as Christians and write from a Christian worldview. Their novels, however, range from overtly mentioning God to not mentioning Him directly at all.

What if I'm not sure I will like the novels?

The focus of our Rally Events is on celebrating the obedience of the storyteller not the resulting product.

While we think you probably will enjoy all of the 7 featured books, we also understand not everyone likes every genre.

That’s why we include Book Credits with your ticket. This gives you the freedom to redeem whichever 2 featured novels you’d be most interested in reading.

Why are you charging for an event like this?

Here’s the thing, we could make the Book Launch Collective and the Rally Events free, but that’s not…

1) meeting our goal of giving our verbal and monetary supporting to Christian fiction writers and

2) even online events have overhead costs that have to be accounted for and we have a Biblical responsibility to financial stewardship.

Plus, when people pay, they pay attention. And we want engaged participants in the collective.



Storytelling is a Reflection

We believe storytelling is powerful and moving. When artists steward creativity, they reflect the creative image of God and the world sees a glimpse of Him in the art they create. Which is why it bothers us when God-given creativity is twisted into the perverse.


The Esther Principle

We believe creativity is a gift that some have been tasked with stewarding into art that overtly mentions God (Psalms) and others into art that does not (Esther). Both are commissioned by God. It is all part of His kingdom plan.


Impact and Income

We believe the writer has a responsiblity (as laid out in scripture) to both steward their gifting and their finances well. We also believe that scripture is clear on individuals being compensated for the work they do.


Creativity is Under Attack

We believe that, because creativity rooted in faith reflects God’s image and points others to Him, the enemy wants the elevation of perverse art and Christians artists shrinking back in frustration and in fear, leaving their gifting unutilized.


Publishing is Hard for Fiction

We believe the fiction publishing industry is struggling, as is evident by the decreasing number of fiction titles published by Christian publishers each year. As a result, fiction writers often have to shoulder production and marketing costs themselves if their novel is to ever to get into the hands of a reader.


Celebrating Obedience

We believe in celebrating the obedience of the storyteller, not the resulting product. Writing a story is a difficult, soul-involved act of worship on the part of the author. It’s such a privilege that we as readers are invited to participate in that creative space.

Other FAQ

Can you tell me a little more about the Book Launch Collective?

The Book Launch Collective was founded as a way to gather together story-loving individuals and empower them to introduce Christian writers, and their novels, to new audiences—helping send more God-honoring stories into the world.

We believe story is a powerful tool for the Kingdom and that it is vitally important to link arms with our creative brothers and sisters in the work that they do. Not because they create art for us to consume but because they obediently reflect God’s creative image when they do!

Our goal is to pool together our financial resources and our circles-of-influence and leverage it to launch the careers of Christian authors representing various genres during our online Rally Events.

Is the Book Launch Collective a publishing house or marketing service?

The Book Launch Collective is not a publishing house or a marketing service. It is a collective founded and organized by Rachel Fahrenbach (a fiction marketing coach and author) that hosts RALLY EVENTS in order to support fiction writers.

Each invited author has already done the hard work of writing a well-crafted novel and has chosen to either self-publish, work with a hybrid publisher, or sign with a small traditional publisher.

Does an author have to pay to be featured?

There is no financial investment for the featured authors. We understand that our featured authors have already invested quite a lot to get their book into finished form. We want to be a help to the authors, not a financial burden.

All featured Rally Event authors go through a selection process and are invited to collaborate with the collective.

What's the difference between the Rally Events and an author signing, book fair, or meet & greet?

The focus of our Rally Events are to support Christian fiction authors verbally and monetarily, not on finding new books to read (though that is an added benefit!).

How often do you plan on having Rally Events?

For now, the Rally Events are annual, but the long-term goal is to host Rally Events quarterly.

Something has come up, can I get a refund on my Rally Event ticket?

Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferable. Just send us an email telling us who you want to transfer the ticket to:


Ready to join?


If you love stories, believe they are a powerful tool to change lives, and want to see more God-honoring fiction in the world—and to see more fiction writers successfully getting their stories to readers—then you are a perfect fit for the collective.

Let’s make a change, and have a ton of fun doing it!

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