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RACHEL FAHRENBACH is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur. She helps Christian fiction writers connect the dots on how they can make an impact and an income from their storytelling, while keeping rest a priority. She is the author of the guided journal Rest & Reflect, and host of the Simply Sabbath podcast & The Business of Christian Fiction podcast. Originally from Chicago, Rachel now resides in Houston with her husband and three kiddos.

Hey there, I’m Rachel!

I am on a mission to help 1000 Christian fiction writers make an impact and an income from their storytelling.

Ever since deciding to double-major in Creative Writing and Business Management, I have been straddling the creative and business-minded worlds. From my time working as a managing editor on various scientific journals to my mompreneur roles of freelance writer, tutor, and event coordinator, writing and business have been woven together for me.

Over the years, I noticed that it wasn’t that way for the vast majority of writers. Fiction writers in particular seemed to have trouble translating the best practices of non-fiction publishing, entrepreneurship, and social media marketing to their artform, which often costs them book sales.

I believe it is fully possible for Christian fiction writers to make an income and an impact with their storytelling, while keeping rest a priority! So in October 2022, I launched The Business of Christian Fiction podcast, as well as invited writers to look over my shoulder as I bring my fiction work-in-progress from idea to publication over the next year.

I look forward to connecting and discussing the ways we might work together to help Christian fiction writers bring their stories to their readers!

what others are saying

“With laser-sharp focus, Rachel cut through the chaos of my tangled thoughts of branding and helped me to hone the message for my audience.”

April Dawn White, author of Destination Hope 

“I am a doer, so resting is hard because it can often feel frivolous. Rachel teaches how to “do” rest. And she makes it so simple! There is nothing frivolous or self-indulgent here. Only a life-giving practice that everyone needs.”

Jenn Uren, host of This Mom Knows Podcast

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