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about me

Hey there, I’m Rachel.

I help busy moms reclaim the joy in their lives by adding a simple, rest-filled family Sabbath to their week.

A few years ago, in the middle of a very exhausting season of life, I was introduced to a question that I couldn’t let go of:

“What could it mean for my life if I spent one day a week observing a Sabbath rest?”

I shared this question with my husband and together we implemented a weekly family practice of Sabbath. Soon, I had the answer to the question:

Physical rest. Soul Care. Stabilizing peace.

A return to my whole self.

Now, I teach other moms how to shift to a Sabbath-focused week and experience a renewed joy in their lives.

what others are saying

“I am a doer, so resting is hard because it can often feel frivolous. Rachel teaches how to “do” rest. And she makes it so simple! There is nothing frivolous or self-indulgent here. Only a life-giving practice that everyone needs.”

 Jenn Uren, host of This Mom Knows Podcast

“Even after a few weeks of combining this journal with a consistent practicing of Sabbath, I noticed a huge difference in my life. I found myself feeling more rested, calmer, and more connected to God, my family, and myself.”

Emily Canfield, Blogger at Begin Again Mom


RACHEL FAHRENBACH is the author of Rest & Reflect, a 12-week guided Sabbath journal. As a writer and speaker, Rachel creates resources that help moms reclaim God’s life-giving, soul-caring original design for work and rest in their week. She believes that Sabbath is more than simply a practice, it is a gift wrapped up in a command. Rachel and her husband live in the Chicagoland area with their three kiddos.

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