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things people have said about Rest & Reflect

“Rest & Reflect is a wonderful guided journal for anyone looking to delve deeper into the idea of sabbath rest, particularly in the context of exploring self-identity and purpose.”

Anna Kettle

Author of Sand Between Your Toes

“This journal has the potential to quietly change your life. It’s not something that demands a lot out of you everyday, but softly calls you to the Father and provides a place to rest and reflect.”

Katherine Smith

“I am a doer, so resting is hard because it can often feel frivolous. Rachel teaches how to “do” rest. And she makes it so simple! There is nothing frivolous or self-indulgent here. Only a life-giving practice that everyone needs.”

 Jenn Uren

This Mom Knows Podcast

“If you are both WEARY and feeling a little LOST in your IDENTITY and PURPOSE, this guided journal is for you. Even after a few weeks of combining this journal with a consistent practicing of Sabbath, I noticed a huge difference in my life. I found myself feeling more rested, calmer, and more connected to God, my family, and myself.”

Emily Canfield, Begin Again Mom

The Rest and Reflect Journal is a good fit for readers who may be feeling ungrounded in vocation or broader sense of purpose, those who are seeking a deeper, prayerful exploration of the shape of their lives’ purpose. Fahrenbach invites readers to consider how the image of God that dwells in each person is meant to be reflected in the particularities of their own lives, dreams, work, and beyond. The journal is also for those who would like to incorporate more focused, consistent reflection and prayer into their weekly rhythm and Sabbath practice, and could benefit from a more guided structure.”

Jessica Binger Benjar

“With a weekly devotional, the author’s beautiful Sabbath prayers, space to write my own prayers, a section to record answered prayers, an area for taking sermon notes, pages to list things on my mind and also people on my mind, and lists of even more questions to dig deeper in reflection, this journal is unlike any journal I’ve seen before — and I highly recommend it. I’m grateful for the intention and care that author Rachel Fahrenbach put into designing such a lovely journal that invites us to stop and reflect, rest and refresh, as we lean into God’s gift of Sabbath.”

Hannah Hanson

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