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An Advent Study & Liturgy

This advent season, Explore the timeless concept of Immanuel—God with us—and its relevance beyond just Christmas morning in a fresh and creative way.

Advent Celebration Guide & Liturgy

Transforms your Advent Sundays into enriching Celebration Dinners, where the spirit of community and the joy of anticipation come alive. 

God desires to dwell with his creation

Dwell: An Advent Study & Liturgy invites you to spend the weeks leading up to Christmas and the week after dwelling on this truth: God desires to dwell with His creation.

Bringing a tangible element to this study, each week begins with a Candle Lighting Liturgy that can be embraced solo or shared in the warmth of community, setting the tone for the rest of the week during which you will dwell on relevant scripture, spiritual truths, and insightful themes. 

During the week, you’ll also encounter short stories crafted to offer a fresh perspective beyond simple retelling of Biblical stories, providing an immersive experience and reawakening the wonder of the familiar.

Whether you’re looking to shake things up or just wanting a meaningful moment in the midst of the holiday hustle, Dwell is designed to help you experience this Advent season with intention and depth.

Grab both!

A companion to the study, Dwell: Advent Celebration Guide & Liturgy transforms your Advent Sundays into enriching Celebration Dinners, where the spirit of community and the joy of anticipation come alive. It expands upon the Candle Lighting Liturgy from the study, specially adapted for group engagement. 

In addition to the liturgy, this guide offers a curated song suggestions that echo the Advent message, thoughtfully chosen meal suggestions that align with the weekly theme, and engaging group discussion questions to spark meaningful conversations, ensuring that even the youngest participants at the table stay engaged and grasp the profound themes of Advent.  

The Dwell: Advent Celebration Guide & Liturgy is intentionally designed to seamlessly fit into your holiday plans—guiding you and your loved ones through a unique experience of community, worship, and anticipation this Advent season.

Katilin Stafford, Novelist

“I absolutely loved the Dwell Advent Study! It has filled a gap I have been trying to fill with multiple sources. Not only does it invite you to dwell on the ”reason for the season,” but it reminds you why the Lord came. more importantly, it helps you align your heart with the very real fact that He is coming again.”

Natalie Ogbourne, Yellowstone Guide

“I look forward to using this book as a tool in my approaching-Christmas-well arsenal. I can turn into a Scrooge quickly without tools like this book. It is well executed and the included fictional short stories are a delightful addition to the scripture study!”



Both the study and the guide are available in paperback and hardcover of either the study or guide over on Amazon!
Note: Hardcover may have a ship time of 4-5 weeks


Both the study and the guide are available in ebook format. Once you purchase, you’ll receive instructions on how to deliver it to your desired device.


Perfer to listen to a book? You can search for “Dwell Advent Study” on your favorite podcast streaming platform or listen online.


If you enjoy watching an author read their book, you can check out the “Rachel Fahrenbach Books” channel on YouTube. There is a video playlist devoted to the Dwell book. 

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