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One of my favorite things to do is talk with others about their Sabbath practice. Many of the individuals who have give so freely of their time to talk to me are also writers, speakers, and business owners. Learn more about them below!

Podcast Guests

Ep 40: Cristi Schroeder

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Cristi Schroeder is a pastor’s wife of over 20 years and a mom to two teenage boys. She recently became a licensed minister herself! She’s a writer and an entrepreneur helping women to live for God’s purposes. And she is trying (desperately) to love salads as much as ice cream.

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Ep 37: Lisa Garon

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Lisa Garon and her husband Bob are enthusiastic about living simply, living intentionally, God, and enjoying the adventure lifestyle. Because of their strong leadership backgrounds in business and ministry, from entrepreneurship to business management to pastoral leadership experience, they bring a keen eye for growth and big picture vision into practical, everyday steps to help you YOU live an intentional life.

Lisa loves exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and her son. She also enjoys practicing yoga, hiking, and snuggling with their three fur babies.


Ep 32: Melissa Dyer

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Melissa C. Dyer is a wife, mother, business owner, and Champion of women. She’s worked as a corporate executive, in Chrisitan ministry, and as a homeschool mom. Her writings and teachings have inspired, challenged, and educated readers and listeners for more than 20 years. She resides in Florida with her husband and children.

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Ep 29: Nancy Lerma

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Nancy Jane Lerma flies the banner of truth as a writer, speaker, storyteller and teacher. She loves to invite others into a deep and abiding relationship with Jesus. Nancy has served as an Associate Teaching Director for Community Bible Study and has been a speaker to MOPS groups. She and her husband Ron have been married for 33 years and live with their Black Lab Packer in the Central Valley of California. Nancy loves to play tennis, swim and feed family and friends with farm to table slow cooking. She and Ron have 4 young adult children, three that are married and two very adorable grandchildren.

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Ep 23: Angie Gibbons

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Angie is a writer, speaker, and co-founder of Dawn, a mindful faith company. Her passion is to empower women to pursue spiritual and mental wholeness. Angie lives and surfs in Hawaii with her husband and three daughters.

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Gather At Dawn App | Dawn App Instagram

Ep 20: Susan Arico

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Susan Arico is a screen coach and writer on digital wellness topics. Her passion is the intersection between cell phone use and our souls. What she calls “cell and soul.” She runs cell phone challenges and offers digital wellness products such as the 21-day reset, advent devotional, and a lent film-based course for parents and teens to do together.

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Ep 17: Jen Whitmer

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Jenn Whitmer helps teams and leaders solve conflict and personality clashes. She speaks, writes, and coaches about hard topics with infectious joy. Through working with Jenn, people improve communication, work through conflict, and build self-awareness with the Enneagram. She asks big questions that lead to big dreams and big ideas and big living. Usually, that means laughing.

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Ep 14: Nicole Fryling

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Nicole Fryling is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Michigan. She owns Restorative Counseling Center, a private group practice offering mental health therapy to her local community. Her passion is journeying alongside women struggling with anxiety and overwhelm. In doing this she blends Biblical principles with psychological tools and techniques.

Facebook | Instagram | Website

Ep 11: Lanie Ehlinger

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Lanie Ehlinger is an educator, storyteller, mentor, writer, and mom, who loves prayer and people. She once heard a speaker say prayer began as desperation, became a discipline, and now is her passion. That is Lanie’s story as well.
Lanie’s day job is serving as an academic coach to scholarship athletes at Wake Forest University.  She has also authored two books, which are available on Amazon: Extraordinary in the Ordinary AND Practical Jesus: How Jesus is relevant every day in every way.

Ep 08: Ruth Pauley

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Ruth Pauley is a wife, homeschooling mother of three, and a writer. She shares her thoughts on prayer, adoration of God, homeschooling, and healthy living on her blog and Instagram. Ruth and her family reside in the Houston, Texas area.

Website | Instagram

Ep 05: Melanie Zeeb

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Melanie Zeeb is a wife, mother to two young boys, and a writer. While she is currently working on a YA novel, she has written the non-fiction work Beauty from Ashes: An Eyewitness Account of Haiti’s Tragic Earthquake.

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Ep 02: Amanda Dzimianski

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Amanda Dzimianski is a human learning how to be and a recovering legalist. She writes to invite pew-weary Jesus-people to embrace and experience their own belovedness. She also pens poetry and is a writing coach.

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