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Thank you for purchasing Rest & Reflect: 12-Week Guided Sabbath Journal!

Below, you will find a compilation of resources to help you further implement a Sabbath practice in your week.

Be sure to check back often as this page will be updated with new resources as I come across them.

Sabbath Starter Kit

Have you been considering adding in a Sabbath practice to your week but don’t know exactly how to begin? I’ve got good news for you! My Sabbath Starter Kit gives you 3 simple steps to implement the practice of Sabbath so you can get started this week!

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What is the Sabbath?

The BibleProject has created this wonderful video about the significance of and connection between the Sabbath, the 7th day, and Jesus’ death and resurrection.

A Little Deeper Dive into Sabbath

The guys at the BibleProject also compiled their study notes so you can read a little more about the concept of Sabbath in the scriptures. They list their sources at the end of the document in case you want to read even more.

An Even More Deeper Dive

On the BibleProject podcast, Tim Mackie and Jon Collins go deeper over 14 episodes as they discuss Sabbath rest and the appearance of the 7th day in the scriptures. It is a facinating conversation to listen in on.

7 Things to Know about Sunday

David Schrock wrote an article for The Gospel Coalition outlining 7 things to understand about “Sabbath” vs “Sunday.”

I created a playlist of songs I find restful or good for my reflective time.

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