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With my current project, I am pulling back the curtain on the creative, self-publishing, and marketing process as I implement the business mindset shifts we talk about on the podcast.

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Searching for the Charmings

Emily Parker is done with dating. Not because she hasn’t found a great guy–she’s actually dated several–but because without fail, once she falls for the guy, she finds out he has an awful family. And coming from a not-so-great family situation herself, Emily is determined to find the perfect inlaws.

As a joke (with a little truth in it), Emily puts a “want” ad in the local newspaper in search of prince charming’s family. To her surprise, more than one family actually answers the ad and she now has a slew of “dates” lined up.

There’s so many “what ifs” involved with the situation that Emily’s head is swimming. But the one weighing most on her mind? What if she finally finds the Charmings and their son turns out to be a villain?

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