We tried a meal delivery service last weekend. We picked the recipe, the company shopped for us, and my husband and kids cooked the meal by following the step by step instructions.

We ate it during our Sabbath meal and it was quite honestly one of the best meals we’ve eaten at home in a while.

Since the beginning of the year we have been observing a 24-hour Sabbath. My husband and I felt we were missing out on something important by not following this spiritual rhythm each week so we set out to put something in place that we could follow.

I zealously researched and planned (because that’s what I do in moments like these) and presented an outline for our Sabbath to Steve. We’ve adjusted it slightly over the months, but for the most part we follow the same format: reflection, reconnection, and relaxation.

Three things have happened for me personally from inserting this pause into our week:

1) It has shifted my perspective from seeing the week as starting on Monday to the week starting on Saturday evening. My work comes from a place of rest instead of rest coming because I worked hard.

2) It has slowed me down and yet made me more productive. Practicing setting aside our 24-hour Sabbath for certain things (reflection, reconnection, and relaxation) has taught me to budget my time for other things as well. When you set aside time for something, you get it done.

3) I have become more aware of my design: the personality, desires, and needs God has set in me. This has been both grounding as I’ve learned my limitations and freeing as I’ve become aware of my possibilities.

I shouldn’t be surprised that such a discipline would feel less like a burden and more like a gift, I mean God blessed the concept of Sabbath and it would only make sense that by following His design, we would find renewal.

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