I don’t take pictures.

Not of my kids and definitely not of myself.

Got nothing against photos… I just don’t think to take them in the moment.

And, if I’m being honest, with the invention of smart phones and social media feeds, I’ve become so very aware of my lack of a photographic eye.

I have no concept of lighting, framing, perspective… I’m just focus on if I’m cutting off heads and if the 3-year-old is sticking out his tongue.

But, it became glaringly obvious (I’ll spare you the embarrassing details) that I wasn’t recording key moments in my life or my kids’ lives. And, what was worse, I wasn’t capturing the little sweet moments either.

In response, I started giving myself photo challenges. “100 Days of Summer” and “Christmas Bells are Ringing” are my two main ones though I’ve done a few others.

I have two rules for myself:

1) Take the picture, capture the moment, without judgement on the quality of the photo.

2) Captions must follow a short format. My strength is words and this exercise is meant to improve other areas of weakness.

I’ve been recording moments in this way for a few years now which means they pop up in my memories on Facebook. Every time they do, I’m glad I face my insecurities and take the picture.

Above is my favorite from this summer’s photo challenge.

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