When I was in college, I took a poetry class that required us to do “reversals.” Essentially, a reversal was a poem that took a certain topic or literary device and turned it on its head. I wrote a couple different ones before settling in on the one below to submit for the assignment. It’s simplistic in content and simplistic in form, but it takes an idea, a situational stereotype, and asks us to reconsider for a second that maybe things are not all that they seem.

It makes me smile every time I read it.

I don’t share it because I expect it to win poetry awards or accolades, but rather because I think it’s important for us all to consider the “reversal” of our own situations. To consider that, maybe, our situation isn’t all that it seems. I know I can (too often than I really like to admit) fall into the victim mindset. I jump to the conclusion that all others are the villains in my story and their selfishness is the catalyst for my failure. I feel stuck– a damsel in distress and in need of rescue.

But, the majority of the time, that’s simply not true. Yes, people are selfish and, yes, at times our situations can feel hopeless, but we are not damsels in distress in need of a prince to come rescue us. Our God is already here with us, having given us what we need to be who we need to be in such a time as this.

Hit pause. Do a reversal.

The truth might show you’re more of a warrior than a damsel in distress. 


The Truth about the Damsel in Distress


Cinderella had it good
In a large manor
No noise
Cleaning up after only four
Women who didn’t move
Away from the mirror. 

Sleeping Beauty had it good
In a vine-covered castle
Eyes closed for 100 years
No one to bug her
As she beauty sleeps

Snow White had it good
In a small cabin
The men working nine to five
Enjoying Apple Dumplin’s
Whistling while she scrubbed

Belle had it good
In an enchanted castle
Clocks and candlesticks
To serve her
While she reads to herself

Arial had it good
In the sea
Her sisters in shells
While she swam under boats
Knowing what the people wanted to know

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