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Join me as I pull back the curtain on building your author platform while writing your novel. The entries I make for the series are for a new novel and a new platform, which means the numbers will be low and this progress slow and steady. But my goal is that you’ll be able to practically see what it is you need to do as an author to both write your novel and build an author platform, rallying a reader, so that they’re ready once that novel releases.

We’ll talk about the specific steps you need to take as well as tools that you can use to help you do it along the way so that you really set yourself up for success as an author.

Let’s get to it!


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Protect Your Writing Time

If building your author platform seems to be sucking all your time away from writing your novel, I’ve created a resource just for you!

Write • Current novel

Searching for the Charmings

Emily Parker is done with dating. Not because she hasn’t found a great guy–she’s actually dated several–but because without fail, once she falls for the guy, she finds out he has an awful family. And coming from a not-so-great family situation herself, Emily is determined to find the perfect inlaws.

As a joke (with a little truth in it), Emily puts a “want” ad in the local newspaper in search of prince charming’s family. To her surprise, more than one family actually answers the ad and she now has a slew of “dates” lined up.

There’s so many “what ifs” involved with the situation that Emily’s head is swimming. But the one weighing most on her mind? What if she finally finds the Charmings and their son turns out to be a villain?

rally • Author Platform

Rachel Fahrenbach BOoks

RACHEL FAHRENBACH helps busy creative women obediently pursue their God-given dreams while keeping rest a priority. She is the author of the guided journal Rest & Reflect: Conversation with Your Creator about Your Identity, Purpose, and Belonging and host of The Business of Christian Fiction podcast. Originally from Chicago, Rachel now resides in Houston with her husband and three kiddos.

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